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An important update from Red Ribbon Istanbul on the natural disasters in Türkiye

Güncelleme tarihi: 10 Şub 2023

(Feb 6, 2023)

Dear international followers, colleagues, and friends.

As you follow from the international press, there have been significant earthquakes in a row on the same day affecting several cities in Türkiye.

We don’t yet know the damage caused by these earthquakes, and we follow the information channels provided by the state to understand the situation better. However, as an NGO working in the field of HIV, we have already received a large number of calls for support, even on the first day of the disaster.

We keep on working non-stop to gather all the updated information to inform you about the situation and to ask for your international support when assistance is needed.

From the very first moment of the news, state institutions and NGOs have been trying to provide support services by going to disaster areas. As an NGO working in the field of HIV, we are trying to list all the demands and understand the real needs. All we can say at this moment is that we need your prayers because the picture is bad and getting worse.

After we are clear about what we need with the requests we receive, we will issue a second announcement and ask for your support if we have to deal with demands beyond our capacity.

Please keep sending your prayers and love to Türkiye in these difficult days.


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