Avrupa Parlamentosu Kırmızı Kurdele İstanbul'u ağırlıyor! I We will be at European Parliament!

We are proud to share this brand new news with you!

Red Ribbon Istanbul, recognized with its works in international public opinion in less than three years, has been invited to a 4-day-long event at the European Parliament to talk about the up-to-date HIV agenda of Turkey.

We will also give a speech on HIV facts of Turkey and our works in line with those facts during the event where eleven leading NGOs of Turkey working in different fields.

We are proud to share the news to emphasize the success we have achieved in a short time around our organization’s visions “being Turkey’s most trusted civil society organization working in the HIV field, with international recognition and representation” and “making Turkey an important player of international HIV agenda”.

You can have further information about the event, that will take place in 7-10 January Belgium, from the website facesofturkey.eu and follow our social media accounts for details from the event!

--- Interview with Miltiadis KYRKOS (MEP) about 'Faces of Turkey' and Red Ribbon Istanbul Watch on Red Ribbon Istanbul's YouTube channel

------------------ Kırmızı Kurdele İstanbul Avrupa Parlamento'sunda!