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-Online HIV counselling and response process- 

#onlinehivcounselling, a nonstop project applied by Red Ribbon Istanbul for the first time in Turkey, is a reliable and confidential online platform where individuals can apply to get information about HIV anonymously and free without hesitation and any exception from the very beginning.


Volunteer counsels of Red Ribbon Istanbul who works at #onlinehivcounselling service use HIV treatment guidelines published by internationally

recognized organizations on HIV, trustworthy web sources and current scientific studies published on scientifically

recognized magazines while answering the questions.


HIV is not a topic that individuals can talk about easily with others in our country, so we receive many questions from almost 100 people every-day.

That is why we kindly ask you to read the reminders below and then send your information request aligned with those requests to

support us maintain the quality of #onlinehivcounselling service.

-We kindly ask you to visit the FAQ page of our UK based partner organization
i-base's website to check if there is an answer already given to your question-


For English speakers, we have only one counselling sources: our Facebook Page.

*Red Ribbon Istanbul is not a health institution.

As a civil society organization that provides information, we do not;


prescribe medicine,

assess blood test results,

perform medical risk assessment,

answer to question about technical qualifications of any laboratory or

any medicine doctor’s knowledge/proficiency level,

 suggest people any doctor or pharmacy.

*We clearly express that we do not answer those questions with attachments

showing clear ID details, medicine prescriptions, test results.

*Please do not forget that Online HIV counselling service is not chat channel or

matchmaking service, so such requests will be declined.

Please do not forget that we only provide face-to-face HIV counselling to HIV positive individuals with an appointment already organized.
So please use our counselling sources to ask for an appointment if you are a PLHIV. 

- Online HIV counselling and response process - 

#onlinehivcounselling service answers your questions

in between 12:00 -17:00,

every official working days,

from Monday to Friday,

in order of the applicants.


If you ask a question out of the schedule mentioned above,

your question will be answered in the next official working day.


- Online HIV counselling and privacy - 


#onlinehivcounselling is an anonymous and free service provided by Red Ribbon Istanbul.

Even though you reach us with Facebook account,

your personal information and questions will not be recorded,

nor shared with 3rd parties.


Red Ribbon Istanbul only saves the number of applicants and the topic of the questions such as testing, risks,

transmission etc. on #onlinehivcounselling to maintain the quality of its service.


All the counselees who use #OnlineHIVCounselling service provided by

Red Ribbon Istanbul confirm that they accept the terms mentioned above.

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