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Civil Society HIV Conference, HIV2022Istanbul - #HIV2022Istanbul

Güncelleme tarihi: 31 Eki 2022

#HIV2022Istanbul, the 2nd edition of the Civil Society HIV Conference, the first conference on any medical field ever organized by civil society/activists in Türkiye, will take place on November 4-6, 2022, as a hybrid event.

The theme of the year, #CivilSocietyHasTheAnswer, the programme that includes Alison Rodger, Pietro Vernezza and the rest of the details…

All about #HIV2022Istanbul is in this blog post.

Red Ribbon Istanbul Türkiye's leading HIV information provider & resource #allabouthiv


October 20, 2022

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-The theme of the year 2022: #CivilSocietyHasTheAnswer

Türkiye’s leading HIV information provider and source #redribbonistanbul has already realized many innovative projects for the first time since the foundation in 2016. 2nd edition of the Civil Society HIV Conference, organized by Red Ribbon Istanbul for the first time in Türkiye in almost 40 years of its HIV history, will take place on November 4-6, 2022, with the theme #CivilSocietyHasTheAnswer as a hybrid event.

The conference has already taken over 500 registrations, and now the main goal is to reach 700 registrations with international participation.

-Rich programme, wide international participation, star speakers

The Civil Society HIV Conference #HIV2022Istanbul, organized by Türkiye’s trusted HIV information provider and source, Red Ribbon Istanbul, targets broader participation and more international influence with a more inclusive programme in its second year after the great success it had last year.

This year, the conference has got stronger with the contribution and support of local NGOs and international NGOs like International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC), Fast Track Cities Institute (FTC), Prevention Access Campaign (PAC), and the headings in the programme of #HIV2022Istanbul are like this;

*The impact of U=U in global HIV activism, *U=U initiation examples from the world,

*Current situation of HIV cure studies,

*Current situation of new drug research, *PrEP, *Personal data security of PLHIV, *HIV criminalization, *Agenda of the local and regional NGOs, *Things to do to make İstanbul a Fast Track City, *Fast Frack Cities examples from the World, *Discussions on increasing the cooperation between activist and physician groups,


Among the speakers, there are world-famous scientists such as Alison Rodger, known for Partner 1 and 2 studies, Pietro Vernazza, who wrote history with the Swiss Statement; and successful activists from Türkiye, the region and the world, who have created significant changes in the field of HIV with their work. HIV-positive friendly, activist-spirited physicians who always work closely with the community are with us in #HIV2022Istanbul, as always.

-Red Ribbon Istanbul Micro Research Fund: A special fund developed for the Civil Society HIV Conference #HIV2022istanbul

The fund was announced with an open call to NGOs registered in Türkiye for the following purposes. There were 34 projects applied to the "Red Ribbon Istanbul Micro Fund" and 9 of them were accepted.

The results of those 9 projects will be presented to the public in a booklet after the first presentation of the Civil Society HIV Conference #HIV2022Istanbul.

- Supporting the corporations and people working in different problem areas to identify the intersection point that their works meet with HIV and produce data by making field research.

- Discussing the HIV fact together in a wider and inclusive framework with the opportunities provided by these data.

- Supporting the Turkish HIV civil society to produce a more mature response.

- The Civil Society HIV Conference #HIV2021istanbul in 75 Seconds

- The Purposes of the Civil Society HIV Conference #HIV2022İstanbul

The purposes of #HIV2022Istanbul, which locally and internationally well-known activists and physicians will include the programme as speakers under the general headings such as new medications, treatment approaches, PrEP, health coverage systems, Undetectable equals Untransmittable, access to testing, Fast Track Cities, study results of the Red Ribbon Istanbul Micro Research Fund;

  • Showing that the HIV civil society in Türkiye is ready to respond to the HIV fact as a whole with a common understanding,

  • Establishing a broad discussion and cooperation ground in order to create its own common strategy in line with the 95-95-95 goals.

  • Developing joint strategies that will shape the operations of HIV civil society towards finding solutions,

  • Expanding the production of social HIV science across the country, especially by encouraging the NGOs working indirectly and operating in local areas to make measurements focusing on social issues and problem areas,

  • Increasing the international visibility of the Turkish HIV civil society as a whole by several levels by opening the conference to international participation,

  • Conveying the success story of HIV civil society to all stakeholders, especially the public, in the best way possible, by being an example for different problem areas with the image of unity at the national level,

- Registration of the Civil Society HIV Conference #HIV2022İstanbul -

Registration of the Civil Society HIV Conference #HIV2022Istanbul is open to those PLHIV and their relatives, activists, volunteers, NGO workers, press and those people from the general public for free.

(#HIV2022İstanbul Civil Society HIV Conference will be charged a registration fee for industry and pharma company representatives and those health professionals who will participate on behalf of a pharma company.)


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