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What a year it was!

Güncelleme tarihi: 7 Şub 2019

We are about to come to the end of a year filled with the first times!

Let’s have a quick look at it;

It was a year that we made presentations at top-level HIV science conferences and got the international recognition and prestige,

It was a year that we organized some events first time in Turkey like #redribbonweek, #redribbonparty, #redribbongala which will be well-known brands in the future,

It was a year that we contributed on raising the awareness and #hivknowlegde in the society with the science based easy-to-understand pu

blications and leaflets under the theme #allabouthiv,

It was a year that we worked to try to give to those people a new point of view which doesn’t contain discrimination with the broadcasts, seminars and talk sessions,

It was a year that we provided free and anonymous HIV testings to more than 600 people in a very short time with a smart model which its tech was used for the first time in Turkey,

And it was a year that we already have started preparing innovative and creative, local and international projects.

The year is ending, but the works we started with the aim of creating a more positive and more inclusive HIV language will continue accelerating.

We wish a happy new year to all those counselees and followers who are the reason why we need to work harder and do better with their questions, feedbacks and support messages throughout the ending year, and wish them to keep on HEARing, PREVENTing and PROTECTing!

Team Red Ribbon Istanbul #allabouthiv


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